Founded in 1889, the Deaconess Abundant Life Communities (Deaconess) is one of the longest enduring not-for-profit providers of quality residential and health care services for older adults in Massachusetts today.  In each of our communities, we strive to nurture the mind, body, and spirit in an environment of dignity and respect for the lifelong contributions of our residents.

The Deaconess Abundant Life Communities has been sharing abundant life with older adults since 1889.  Today, our focus is on providing a full spectrum of housing and service choices to older adults on our campuses.  Just as the original Deaconesses made a difference in the lives of those they served so long ago, we strive to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of the extraordinary older adults who live with us now.

Originally, the Deaconess Abundant Life Communities (Deaconess) was founded through the Methodist Deaconess Movement of dedicated women who became a Protestant sisterhood serving the “suffering and needy.” They founded Deaconess training schools and hospitals in various cities across the country.  On November 1, 1889, the New England Deaconess Home and Training School was incorporated for the purpose of providing homes to those needing “refuge, care, and shelter” and eventually became the New England Deaconess Association.

To fulfill the urgent need for a hospital facility in Boston, the Association acquired the house next door to its residence for Deaconesses in training, and in 1896 opened the “New England Deaconess Hospital” with 15 beds.  Concerned that there was no hospital in the Concord area, Mr. Charles Emerson decided to donate land on the Sudbury River and funds to the New England Deaconess Association to build one.  At this same time, Emerson learned that Mrs. Foucar, who lived across the street from the hospital site, wanted to make a generous donation for a home for the aging. Emerson was excited about the prospect of working with Mrs. Foucar and her daughter, to create a great center for human welfare comprised of both a hospital and a home for the aging in Concord.

Deaconess Abundant Life Communities is proud of its tradition of reaching out to meet and serve the changing physical, social, and spiritual needs of older adults over the years since our founding in 1889.

Expanding into other markets to serve the need as the population grows and changes, there are now three Deaconess Abundant Life Communities. In addition to Newbury Court in Concord, there is Wesley Woods Homes in Gilford, New Hampshire. Rockridge in Northampton continues to grow and thrive as well. All communities are built and operated to serve the specific needs and desires of each of their markets. See each community’s site for more information about the services provided.