Deaconess cares compassionately for staff, residents, volunteers and families.  Deaconess knows that if one continues to stay intellectually challenged, physically active, socially connected, and spiritually enriched in whatever way that provides meaning to an individual, that one can age well.  Though there are many challenges along the pathway of the aging process, Deaconess believes that by providing supportive services in all of these areas, the later years of life will be more fulfilling and enriching. 

Core Value Statement

Deaconess Abundant Life:

Cares compassionately for our residents, staff, volunteers, and their families while sharing

Abundant life with an attitude of joy, hope and commitment;

Reaching out to our community with a holistic focus on body, mind and spirit in an

Environment which leads to continued excellence and financial strength as we

Strive for new and innovative ways to better serve older adults.

Mission Statement

What do we have to do? Deaconess will effectively use our human and financial resources and will search for new opportunities to provide high quality and highly-valued care that exceeds the expectations of those we serve.

Strategic Intent

How do we intend to do it? Deaconess will strive to (1) continually learn the changing needs of our customers and stakeholders, (2) discover innovative ways to utilize our resources to exceed their needs, and (3) grow in its ability to create, and respond to, future opportunities to serve our communities, and (4) maintain our financial strength.