• From the moment our Dad arrived at Rivercrest in November, 2008 and our Mom settled into Suite 437 at Newbury Court, we all breathed sighs of relief knowing that they were in the caring, capable hands of your staff. Each time we left after a visit, we would always say that we were very thankful that their new Concord "home" was about as perfect as any of us could have wished for. 
    Not only were we very impressed with each of the facilities - Newbury Court, The Gardens and Rivercrest - for their cleanliness and well kept, beautiful furnishings, but especially for the staff's friendliness, caring and prompt help.
    We wish we could name all of the loving care givers who helped each of our parents over the last two years. We risk forgetting someone so we will only mention a few staff by name. In particular, we need to call out Diana at the reception desk. She is wonderfully upbeat, with a terrific sense of humor and an unbelieveable ability to know everything that was going on with our mother. She gracefully fielded many calls from my mother about her TV switcher and many, many other daily life matters. We thought of her as the welcoming, all knowledgable principal of the school or the compassionate lay preacher.
    The wonderful women who helped our mother in her suite during the day and at night - too many to name - were especially warm and helpful. Our mother loved the connection to the staff who came from Brazil as she remembered the three years we spent living there in the early 1960s. The constant attention from Ellen overseeing our mother's care was invaluable. 
    Also, Pasters Lil and her Twila provided our mother with consistent and constant support as she exercised her faith. No less important was the weekly appointment with the hairdresser that our mother needed to make her week complete or the wonderful help at dinner time from MJ and all the other dining room staff. 
    Then when my mother transitioned for a short time to the Gardens, we were very grateful for all the staff who helped make the transition as smooth as possible. In particular, Maria and Deb were a source of strength for all of us. We were really amazed when Deb waited in the Emerson Hospital emergency room with our mother until Pam arrived from work. 
    At Rivercrest, all of the staff and especially head nurse Lewis and nurse Gail were absolutely wonderful during both our father's short stay in 2008 and our mother's recent short stay. They were caring, thoughtful, capable and reassuring at what was a difficult time for us. 
    You have built a wonderful community of caring staff and it really showed in the care both our father and mother received every day. We cannot thank you enough.
    - Craig G. Veith, Pamela Payton and Hedy Whitney


  • Although my mother's condition meant her time at Rockridge was much too brief, it was at the same time a very valuable time in her life. You and the entire administrative team and especially Brenda G. and the wonderful Gardens staff gave to my mom and to us a gift of warmth, caring, compassion and sense of home for her that was priceless. We knew she was cared for and she knew she belonged there which made her comfortable and allowed her to be happier than she had been in a long time. She had lived in places that were more modern and attractive to the eye but The Gardens proves once again that what is really of value goes much deeper than looks and things. Your fail-free, compassionate approach that relates to each and every resident as an individual and encourages relationships to develop between residents is as close to ideal as I can imagine… The Gardens and Rockridge will always remain in a warm and special place in my heart. We want you to know how much we appreciate the community you have created and how valuable it was for us. 
    -Reed Schimmelfing


  • My mother moved into your community last fall. I have been so grateful to your excellent staff. I am always impressed with the number of activities available to the residents as well as their families, including family picnics and events and others that I see advertised like the tag sales and the sale of organic vegetables. Also, there is always an upbeat, friendly atmosphere. I know people in the field of elder care and all say that Rockridge is one of the best. So I have to thank you for helping to make this possible. 
    - Beth Caurant


  • My Mother loved her two years at Rockridge. Leaving Vermont and her beloved family and friends was tough but little did she know that there would be such a loving group of caregivers and friends waiting for her with welcome arms and hearts. Our thanks to all the staff that helped in Mom’s care – from all who arrived at 7 to help ready her for the day to all who kissed her goodnite…to the fun ones in the dining room. We are blessed to have friends like you.
    -Love from Cathy and the Gomez family


  • About six months ago I was a “pinch-hitter” for the bell chimes.  That was my first time being at Rockridge and a very memorable one.  Between songs I chatted with the residents and the subject of knitting, one of my biggest passions, came up.  Knitters cropped up from everywhere!  And so was born the Friday morning knitting circle.  From that group evolved yet another group, the monthly Country Kitchen Cooking Group, and on and on it goes. The warm and respectful atmosphere at Rockridge attracted me the most. I absolutely love the sense of community. There’s always something going on and I am never turned down when I want to volunteer for anything. I have felt part of the family from Day One. I want to thank Rockridge for the privilege of getting to know the most loving interesting and hilarious people!
    - Rosie Karparis, Volunteer


  • Today, as our family finishes its affiliation with the Newbury Court community, I want to express my appreciation to you and your staff. Thinking retrospectively, I am so very grateful that my parents chose to live the winter of their lives at Newbury Court. When they made the choice, I could not easily see what benefits would come from their decision. But, as time passed, it was easy to observe that their new residence would provide them with solutions for the challenges that would come from the aging process. What a very wise decision my parents made. For fifteen years, I visited Newbury Court on a regular basis. During that period, I came to know many of your staff very well from their interactions with my parents. My mother had her favorites, and I hesitate to name them, because I might inadvertently miss one or more. Still, I need to mention Sheila, Sanford (and Trisha) and the wonderful dining room crew, Lynn from housekeeping, Carlos in his salon, Barbara Willson, and Fred and Will from the maintenance team. Each one treated my mother like she was royalty, and she so appreciated it. Thank you for the many services you all provide. Your community is so well thought out, and your service delivery seems to be flawless. Because of your community, your residents are able to preserve their independence and their dignity until their time in this world ends. For all of these things, my family will be forever grateful to you.
    -Paul W. Mercer, North Kingstown, RI


  • Special mention needs to be made on behalf of Daryl and Will. At first we thought we were going to be on our own to do the heavy lifting but once they arrived (sorry for the panicked call Deb) they devoted hours to the family to get everything transferred. They were fantastic. Patient to a T, good humored, gentle with the furniture, never complaining. They were both a pleasure to work with. I think they love their jobs and working with people, not just things! Daryl has a great sense of humor and that made this more fun than it might have been. At one point on his way out of the Gardens, I caught this lovely sight of Will, seated next to a resident, and she was hugging him and hugging him and he was beaming and comforting her and joking and it was just very moving. 
    - Paul Foster-Moore


  • Aging is a process - and mandatory. My parents, Jim & Lois Mercer were determined to spend their retirement gracefully and without burden. When my Dad learned about Newbury Court he immediately knew that the concept and the living style would work well for them. And how right he was! They loved Newbury Court. They met the most wonderful people, they bragged about the offerings, the food, the socials - my mother was in awe of her view of the river every single day. She loved the change of seasons, she was excited by the variety of birds that visited her balcony - and she loved the quiet. After my Dad died, all staff members at NC were extremely kind and patient and understanding of my mom's needs. I personally want to tell you how much of a comfort that meant to me. She was visited by the maintenance men - just to chat about the Red Sox. She kept her door ajar just so neighbors would poke in and say hello. My mother was comfortable, well-fed, as busy as she wanted to be, and very safe. Newbury Court and the facilities within met her needs, and the needs of her children who were concerned about her as the number of birthdays crept up! Her transition to The Gardens took place at just the right time in her life, and again - she was so gently and compassionately cared for by a most patient, sensitive and well-trained staff. Thank you all for what you did for my Mom, and our family - and for what you continue to do for your residents.
    -Loel A. Poor, Boxford, MA


  • I would be greatly remiss if I did not share with you my thoughts and feelings concerning my mother's (Lois B. Mercer) stay at The Gardens this past year. She was very confused and upset when she first arrived, having been at Rivercrest for about six weeks, I believe. It took time, but she eventually settled in there because of having some of her own furniture and the friendliness and care of those coming to her each day. Mom didn't like the noise of the chairs skidding on the floor in the dining room, so she pretty much stayed in her room which wasn't good for her, but it was her decision. Pierre was wonderful to her - singing songs to her and reading to her and sharing with her what the others were doing that day. As a family we will always be grateful to him for his care.
    Deb Boyden and Gayle Edwards were wonderful caregivers of our Mom, and they cared about me, too, and kept me informed as to her condition. We were a team caring for her, and it helped me to know that I could tell them anything that was going on with my Mom.
    I do not know everyone by name, although their faces are fresh in my mind, but I do want to thank Sharon, Monica, Karen, Marie, Ann Marie, Emile James and Tom for caring so well for my Mom and for their kindness to me in those last days. Will was great about stopping in to say hello to her! Please extend my gratitude to all of the staff - their faces are on my heart but I did not always know their names! Mom is at peace now, and it is a huge comfort to know that everything was done to keep her comfortable right up to the last moment. I am grateful for everyone, I truly am! 
    - Betsey Mercer Rockett


  • Mom and Dad have finally settled in. They have met some really nice people and always say how wonderful everyone is who works there. It is true! I have met many employees and they are great.........Diana, who does so much. She is always juggling 10 different things but manages to make it look easy. And the evening and weekend receptionists, Mary Beth and Ruth. Isais and Will, what hard workers and always smiling. Mike Cataldo, I don't see him as much but he is terrific and always there to help out Dad. Marise and Marice, Mom and Dad's housekeepers, Oh my Gosh, so friendly, so sweet. In the dining room....Emily, Kevin, Dan, the other Kevin, Angela, and many others who I can't think of their names right now. And of course, Lilian, she is just the BEST! So warm, so approachable. So you got yourself, quite a crew there. 
    - Donna


  • We want to express our deep appreciation for the knowledgeable and sympathetic care you gave our husband and Dad during his stay at the “Gardens”. We don’t know how we would have managed without your help. 
    – Family members Kay, Cathy, Cindy, Susan and Tom


  • My mother found a renewed sense of spirit when she became part of the Newbury Court community at the age of 77. After a relatively solitary existence in the 7 years after my dad's death, the activities, shared meals, and new friendships opened up for her a new community of elders in which she thrived. It made the final 13 years of her life much richer because of it. Moving my mom to Newbury Court in 2000 was one of the best decisions we ever made.
    Some comments noted on the Dining Comment Cards – “Splendid swift services and so friendly. Thank you!” “We enjoyed the Hunan Duck greatly and hope to see it again.” “Bay Scallops heavenly!” “The vegetable en croute several days ago was delicious – brilliant pear soup and well-cooked chard, too.”
    What impressed me and my daughter about Newbury Court was the beautiful natural setting, the restrained tasteful décor, the wonderful food and the welcoming atmosphere. The proximity to family in Arlington was also a factor.
    - P.T., Newbury Court New Resident


  • My mother has been hesitating over a move to a CCRC for at least 5 years. Your staff made my mother and her family so comfortable and informed in such a short period of time that my mother put down her deposit and closed in 30 days from start to finish. We have dined at Newbury Court a few times already and the food and service is spectacular. My mother can’t wait to bring guests to show it off to her friends. I expect you know just how remarkable your staff is but I wanted to drop you a note because too often people say “I need to let someone know how great someone is” but never follow through. In any event, we are all indebted to your staff for their superlative work. 
    – Family member of Newbury Court resident


  • If you are thinking or planning to make a move like this in the future, don’t wait too long. As a long-time resident of Newbury Court, I have observed many incoming new residents. The ideal time to come is around age 80, when most are still hale and hearty, and able to participate and enjoy the many activities offered. 
    –M.T., Resident at Newbury Court for over 15 years.


  • There is such an amazing sense of community at Newbury Court, where everyone cares about each other. It feels like one big family. The peace of mind that our whole family has, knowing that our mother is in such a loving place and that we are always so welcomed when we come there, is beyond priceless. 
    – Family Member of Newbury Court Resident


  • We were warmly and gently taken in by the residents and we really feel part of a family. Our house is very comfortable and it was the best ever decision to move here...especially with the snow!
    -Joan and Robert, Residents


  • The first time you wake up and realize you do not have to go out and shovel a walkway, clean off a car or fix something in the bitter cold of winter you smile to yourself.
    -Pat, Resident


  • Why do I stay at Newbury Court… The residents are wonderful and they have shared many of their wonderful memories with me. I have met so many of their family members that they become a part of my family and when we lose someone it deeply affects us all. The residents and their families are deeply touched when I go out of my way to help them but it is the extra simple things I do that can make their day. The grounds and buildings are beautiful. I often walk outside and enjoy lunch in many different areas. I am lucky enough to be able to watch the sun rise in the morning and set in the afternoon from my desk. I have attended many great lectures and have participated in there scholarship program to further my education and personal interests. I even get to use the fitness and pool areas. As the North front desk concierge, I can say ‘that no two days are ever the same ‘so there is never a day without fun, smiles and tears. 
    - Diana Bowles, staff


  • Why is it that I like my job so much here at Newbury Court well First, it is a pleasure to Greet the many Family members and Guests onsite and know that I am doing an important job by Welcoming each and every one here. Not only do I give warm smiles and heart felt feelings but it is also returned to me.
    I have had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting people from around all walks of the world. They have become my extended family in so many different ways. My knowing little things about the family and always Greeting the residents by names Reassures them that I do love my job and pay attention to their needs here at Newbury Court. I have been here almost five years and the friends I have made are immeasurable. I look forward to coming to work each and every day.
    -Dorinda Bell-Receptionist, Newbury Court South, 4PM-12PM Shift